The HURRICONE™ - Cordless Floor Drying Cone Dolly is a result of 38 combined years of experience by two companies, ASAP Design, a Full Service Design & Engineering Firm and Beach Sales & Engineering LLC, a Manufacturer and Supplier of plastic and metal components, assemblies and finished products. Since 1982, ASAP Design has offered complete product design and development capabilities and innovative solutions to clients engaged in a variety of product areas including, consumer, medical, industrial, juvenile, lighting and pet products. Today, ASAP Design continues the mission as a full service design & engineering house prepared to handle any product design and engineering project. Beach Sales & Engineering LLC was created in 1990 for the express purpose of supplying quality plastic and metal components, sub-assemblies and finished products to clients in the automotive, industrial, consumer, medical and security industries. Beach Sales & Engineering LLC is capable of handling all aspects of mold building, the manufacturing of sub-assemblies and complete products, and all logistics.